SECOM Data Protection Service

In 2011, Secom offers our customer another loss prevention service with the setting up of SECOM Data Protection Pte Ltd. It offers safe and secure off-site media tape storage for your company.

SECOM Data Protection provides 24x7 delivery, collection and safe storage of your backup media and supports your business recovery plans.


  • No more risks in bringing the backup tapes home
  • No inconvenience from storage of tapes at a bank safe deposit box
  • No concern about staff integrity
  • No fear of accident eg. fire

We have a purpose-built vault with humidity and temperature control, very-early smoke detection, FM200 fire suppression, controlled access, stringent processes and 24x7 security monitoring to safekeep and preserve your backup data media. Our staff members are all SIRD (Security Industry Regulatory Department) cleared and there is no third-party involvement on the handling and delivery of the backup media.

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