Security Alarm Management Service
(SMS – Alarm Monitoring with on-site response)

Security Alarm Management Service by SECOM, one of SECOM’s most sought-after solutions, takes the whole concept and implementation of security alarm management to the next level with an unique and comprehensive service to secure your business assets and protect your business operations.

Unlike conventional security companies that only sell the security equipment hardware and leave the entire security operation to the users, SECOM implements a whole security ecosystem using a combination of on-site sensing devices and 24-hour offsite monitoring, further enhanced by speedy physical response of skilled security professionals.

This allows SECOM to maximise the deterrence and prevention of losses and break-ins to your business premises.

Service Benefits

✓ Cost savings

With our solution, there is no initial capital outlay required.

Our SMS solution is readily available as an affordable monthly subscription, which means you do not have to invest in security hardware again.

Our equipment and systems are routinely and regularly checked for faults and maintained to be in tip-top working condition. This is part of our package and requires no extra charges.

Our service subscription is an all-inclusive package that remains fixed throughout the contract period without cost escalation and hidden fees along the way.

The end result is a complete security alarm management solution that delivers maximum protection at a significantly lower total cost of operations.

✓ Peace of mind

Rest and sleep easy with our SMS package, because everything is taken care of by our skilled and experienced security professionals.

Your premises will be monitored around the clock and constantly watched over by our 24/7 security control command centre.

Any alarm activation will immediately trigger a dispatch of our security professionals to the premises for a thorough investigation, even after working hours, weekends as well as public holidays and festive seasons.

You don’t have to be there, because we are.

In the event of intrusion detected, the designated end users and the police will be automatically and immediately notified. Any technical fault of the security alarm system, even during odd hours, will be swiftly dealt with by our technical support team so that security and protection of your business assets is not compromised.

What you get

Our SMS package covers the following service areas:

  • Supply of SECOM security equipment
  • Comprehensive maintenance, repair and replacement of security equipment
  • 24-hour monitoring services from the SECOM control station
  • Response to all alarm signals by SECOM security engineers
  • Professional liability due to equipment failure or inadequacy in our security design

Get the comprehensive security alarm management solution that your business deserves today. Get in touch with us now.