Tape Storage Singapore (Offsite Media Storage)

Tape Storage Data Protection Service by SECOM

Tape Storage and Data Archiving are essential aspects of a complete, multi-layer data redundancy backup programme, and SECOM offers highly secure offsite media storage for your valuable data assets.

We operate a climate-controlled vault installed with Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA), FM200 Fire Suppression system, 2FA Security Access Control system, CCTV Camera Surveillance system, Intrusion Detection system and environmental alarm monitoring systems for temperature and humidity.

We facilitate offsite storage for a range of media items including LTO, HDD, SSD, CD, RDX, DLT, DAT and NAS, to ensure all your tape storage and data archiving needs are fully met.

We deliver media items on schedule to your doorstep and also cater to urgent recall delivery in the event disaster recovery is needed. Transactions are captured electronically with little or no hardcopy paperwork. Soft copy records of the tape storage facilitation are sent to you for auditing and recording purposes.

SECOM provides the full range of services including:

  • Offsite media storage
  • Scheduled media delivery to doorstep
  • Choice of loose item storage or media case storage
  • Urgent recall delivery
  • Courier service to designated locations
  • Secure destruction of media items complete with Certificate of Destruction
  • LTO Tape Health Check
ISO 9001 and 45001 certified, SECOM caters to both statutory organisations and enterprise customers, meeting their extensive demands and expectations for secure and reliable data archiving and tape storage needs with ease.

We deliver on time, on schedule and work closely with you so that you can focus on executing your data protection plans.

Tape Storage FAQ

Certainly, tape storage Singapore is still popular among large companies due to the durability of the tapes. Properly maintained tape drives can keep important data for over 30 years or longer, which means tape backups can provide extended data retention and guarantee strong archival stability. This makes tape storage a reliable option for long-term data backup and storage needs.

When it comes to reliability, tape storage outperforms hard drives, as it has an error rate that is significantly lower by four to five orders of magnitude. Moreover, tape storage offers excellent security features such as automatic encryption and inherent protection provided by the medium.

Tape storage is a durable and cost-effective solution for storing large amounts of data, with high capacity and portability. Many companies in Singapore offer tape storage services, which provide reliable and secure offsite storage, disaster recovery, and space-saving benefits for businesses and organizations.

Archiving does not delete data. Instead, it makes the data inactive while preserving it and its associated information. When a record is archived, it becomes inactive but its associated data is preserved, enabling you to generate reports and invoices.

Certainly, tape storage is more cost-effective than hard disk drives. In the realm of enterprise storage, tape storage is the most economical alternative available. When compared to a disk array with the same storage capacity, tape storage is less expensive, even after considering the expenses of storing the tapes offsite.