Access Control System Singapore – Card Access System & Door Access Control

Looking for a complete Access Control System solution that not only implements the necessary equipment such as door access control system and card access system, but also provides the manpower to manage it effectively? Then, SECOM’s Access Control Management Service – or AMS – is just the total and comprehensive solution you need.

Unlike the typical purchase of access control systems, which requires you to deploy dedicated personnel to manage and ensure the smooth operation of the system, our AMS solution is an alternative to on-site management that takes the hassle of the access card system upkeep off your plate.

SECOM AMS lets you enjoy the best of both worlds: high quality access control equipment installed and maintained by SECOM’s team of highly trained and experienced system specialists, without incurring the initial capital outlay that comes with such an implementation.

For efficient and effective management of staff movement, as well as other movement control requirements, SECOM’s Access Management Service is the Ideal solution.

Access control system Service Benefits

✓ Cost Savings

With our solution, there is no initial capital outlay required.

Our AMS solution is readily available as an affordable subscription on a monthly basis, which means you do not have to invest in access control system hardware and software again.

We provide comprehensive maintenance of the access control Singapore system throughout the contract period. All parts replacement due to equipment fault or wear and tear are covered within the monthly subscription at no additional cost to you.

✓ Peace of Mind

All card administration is carried out by SECOM remotely; there is no need to dedicate a manpower resource to manage the system where everything is well taken care of by our trained and experienced system specialists.

Technical support is available 24/7 to minimize downtime.

The end result is a complete management solution for all your access control systems that gives you the day-to-day functionality that you need without the conventional hassles and costs that comes with deploying and maintaining it.

What you get

Our AMS package covers the following service areas:

  • Supply of total Access Control System (door access control system and/or card access system) that manages the access into your business premises during and after working hours
  • Comprehensive maintenance, repair and replacement of the Access Control System
  • 24-hours technical support
  • Provision of transaction report on a monthly basis
  • Card administration service

Get the comprehensive access control management solution that your business deserves today.

For a non-obligatory consultation on how your existing access control system can be improved and more secure, get in touch with us now.


What is a door access system?

Door access control system is an advanced security system that regulates entry to a building, making certain that only authorized individuals are granted access. This measure helps prevent unwanted individuals from entering and committing illegal activities such as trespassing and vandalism, thereby enhancing the safety and security of businesses.

If you are looking to install an access control system in Singapore, the cost can vary depending on the type of system you choose. A card access system in Singapore typically ranges from $500 to $8,000+ per door, depending on the level of security you require.

Biometric access control systems, which provide the highest level of security, are more expensive than other access control systems, with a cost per door ranging from $2,000 to $8,000+. The cheapest option is a keypad access control system, which generally costs between $500 to $1,200 per door. Therefore, the cost of your access control system will depend on the type of system you choose and the level of security you need for your business.

An access control system is a security system that controls who has access to a specific area or resource in a building or facility. It works by authenticating a person’s identity through a combination of factors, such as a PIN code, smart card, or biometric scan, and then granting or denying access based on predefined rules and permissions.

Door entry and access control are two security systems used to restrict access to buildings or specific areas within a building. Door entry systems are typically used to allow entry to a building or specific area by unlocking a door, while access control systems are used to control and monitor access to a building or specific areas by managing who is authorized to enter and when.

Having a door access control system Singapore can be beneficial because it prevents unauthorized individuals from gaining access to a restricted area. With this system, the doors require valid credentials to unlock, ensuring that only those individuals who have been granted access can enter.