SECOM Interactive Service (Video Alarm Monitoring)

Get the most holistic Video Alarm Monitoring system in Singapore to watch over and protect your properties after business hours, with SECOM’s Interactive Service.

Using state-of-the-art video technology and a virtual guard, we are able to monitor the security status of your premises and detect any abnormality remotely from our SECOM Control Centre. Using the real-time data analytics to identify a security breach, we can determine the next course of action swiftly.

Our Interactive Service is a proven alternative to current physical guard deployment on site and can reduce your total security cost in the long run.

Upon appropriate integration with other systems and equipment, we are able to create a comprehensive security “ring” around your premises after business hours, including:

  • Gate, barrier and door control
  • Visitor control
  • External perimeter security concerns
  • Decam fire alarm monitoring and response service (subject to site survey)

Service Benefits

✓ Cost Savings

The best part about our video alarm monitoring solution, as with our other services, is that it is available as an affordable monthly subscription service.

Therefore, there is no initial capital outlay you need to incur.

You also save money in the long run on not having to hire security guards as all manpower resources, where necessary, are provided by SECOM as part of your service package.

There are also no additional costs required to keep the system running smoothly; SECOM takes care of that for you within the package.

In addition, your monthly subscription fee remains fixed throughout the contract period without cost escalation and hidden fees along the way. Furthermore, comprehensive maintenance of the video alarm monitoring system is provided throughout the contract period. All parts replacement due to equipment fault or wear and tear are covered within your monthly subscription at no extra costs.

✓ Peace of Mind

Have your premises monitored remotely round the clock by our 24/7 control centre.

Any alarm activation will trigger the video images of the intrusion event to our control centre for verification and attention immediately. In the event of a real intrusion, a dispatch of our security professionals to the premises for a thorough investigation, even after working hours, weekends as well as public holidays and festive seasons.

Technical support is available 24/7 to ensure that security will not be compromised in any form or manner.

The end result is a complete video alarm monitoring solution that gives you the total protection you need for your premises without the conventional hassles and costs of deploying and maintaining it.

What you get

Our video alarm monitoring service package covers the following service areas:

  • Supply of SECOM Interactive System
  • Remote video alarm monitoring of your premises after operation hour from our Control Centre
  • Video alarm verification and attend to alarm signals
  • Remote video patrolling service
  • Comprehensive Maintenance, which includes repair and replacement of parts due to wear and tear
  • 24-hour technical support

Get the most comprehensive video alarm monitoring solution to secure your business assets today. For a non-obligatory consultation and quote, get in touch with us now.


What is alarm monitoring and how does it work?

Alarm monitoring is the process of monitoring a security alarm system to quickly respond to any alerts or alarms that are triggered. The system sends a signal to a monitoring center when the alarm is triggered, and the center quickly determines the cause of the alarm and notifies the authorities or designated contact.

Video alarm monitoring involves using security cameras to capture video footage of the area where the alarm was triggered. This footage can be used to provide more information to the authorities or contact. Overall, alarm monitoring provides added protection for homes and businesses, especially when video alarm monitoring is used.

The monthly expenses of video alarm monitoring systems for residences in Singapore may vary from around $30 to $1000, depending on the selected service package from the service provider.

Alarm monitoring can be a worthwhile investment for those who prioritize safety and security, especially in high-risk areas. This is because it provides a quick response time, an added layer of protection, peace of mind, and valuable video evidence if a crime does occur.

However, the decision to invest in alarm monitoring will depend on specific circumstances and budget. The benefits of video alarm monitoring, which can provide video evidence and additional information to help respond to security threats, make it an especially valuable option for those seeking increased security measures.

Monitored alarm systems and local alarms differ in their level of protection, with monitored systems providing a higher level of security and quick response time by connecting to a central monitoring station, while local alarms are standalone systems that only sound an alarm.

Video alarm monitoring can be transferred to another company after the contract with the current provider has ended. In some cases, such as with ADT, the contract may prohibit customers from having another company monitor their system. However, once the contract terms are fulfilled, switching alarm monitoring companies is allowed.