Retail / F&B

With multiple touch points to deal with at any given moment, and considerations for both external and internal breaches, security protection for the retail / food and beverages (F&B) sector can be a tough juggling act.

With years of experience providing customised security solutions to major players in the retail and F&B sectors, ranging from department stores, retail chains and boutique outlets, to fast food restaurants and food courts among others, SECOM intimately understands what it takes to implement and manage a watertight security system for your business.

With key concerns over risks of theft and pilferage, SECOM is able to create a comprehensive security solution that meets all these varied challenges so that your retail operations can go on smoothly without troubles.

Some of the security services that we provide to the retail / F&B industry includes:

If you are a player in the retail or F&B industry looking for a better security solution, get in touch with us now.