Logistics / Warehousing

The Logistics and warehousing sector is the workhorse industry that keeps the gears of our economy turning, transporting and storing millions of goods, equipment and raw materials that feed into other sectors and industries.

Security is therefore of utmost importance, with theft and vandalism being a main security risk.

Rapid developments and changes in business trends of recent times also add to the complexity and layers of sophistication required to implement and maintain an effective security monitoring and management solution.

SECOM keeps abreast of these evolving situations as well as the latest security standards governing the industry, and constantly upgrades its solution offering to provide the most relevant security service for the sector.

This relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation has allowed SECOM to develop an in-depth and insightful understanding of the industry’s security requirements, and provide security services to key/major players in the logistics and warehousing industry for almost 3 decades.

The security services that SECOM provides to the industry includes:

If you are a player in the logistics and warehousing industry looking for a better security solution, get in touch with us now.