24-hour Control Centre

At the core of SECOM’s acclaimed comprehensive security solution is our 24-hour Control Centre.

Our Control Centre is manned 24/7 all day, every day, monitoring and watching over our clients’ premises, ready to dispatch security personnel onsite at a moment’s notice of abnormality, or escalate for further actions, if the situation calls for it.

This is also where we respond to clients’ service requests to ensure that their security systems run smoothly without failure.

The SECOM Control Centre is licensed to provide Central Alarm Monitoring service (CAMS) under the Private Security Industry Act (CAP 250A) since its implementation in 2009. As part of our Business continuity strategy, SECOM secondary Control Centre had been set up to provide redundant monitoring capabilities to our customers.

Our dedicated team of highly trained and experienced security professionals and specialists, performing above and beyond their duties across the various Control Centre, Operations, Customer Service and Technical Support teams, so that you, our client, can have an absolute peace of mind.