Data Centre

In our interconnected world, there is not much that goes on for long each day without the need for data connectivity. As such, the role that the data centre sector plays in daily personal and business exchange cannot be underestimated.

For an operation of such critical nature, designing and providing a robust and sophisticated security system is our primary concern, protecting the facilities and equipment from unauthorised access and extraction, theft, vandalism among other security breaches.

At SECOM, we provide a comprehensive security system customised to suit your specific operational requirements. This includes a multi-layered physical security implementation that consists of perimeter security, biometrics access control, video surveillance and alarm monitoring system, all to ensure maximum security for your data centre facilities.

A rundown of the security services that SECOM provides is as follows:

  • Total Integrated Security Management System including
  • Public Announcement System
  • Fireman Intercom System
  • Guard Tour System
  • Visitor Management System
  • Very Early Smoke Detection System (VESDA)
  • 24-hour Central Monitoring Station
    • Intruder Alarm Monitoring
    • Video Alarm Monitoring
  • Security System Maintenance Services
  • Data Protection Service – Off-site Media Storage

If you are a player in the data centre sector looking for a better security solution, get in touch with us now.