Access Control Management Services (AMS)

Unlike the typical purchase of access control system, which requires you to deploy dedicated personnel to manage and ensure the smooth operation of the system, SECOM offers you with AMS as an alternative to on-site management.

With carefully selected and trained system specialists, you would enjoy the ease of security operations having SECOM to manage the registration of staff movement and other additional requirements arising from your changing needs.

Our AMS package includes:

  • Supply of the Card Access Control System, which provides you with the control of access into your premises during and after business hours
  • Comprehensive maintenance, repair and replacement of Access Control System
  • 24-hours technical support
  • Provision of transaction report on a monthly basis
  • Card administration service

The benefits are:

  • Affordable monthly subscription fee rather than paying a capital up-front for the security services and equipment.
  • No need to invest in or upgrade the equipment and software required for the ongoing smooth operation of the system.
  • Save on time and resources as the card administration is carried out by SECOM remotely. There is no need to dedicate a person to manage the system and therefore no need to employ or train a staff to manage the system.
  • Comprehensive maintenance is provided during the contract period. Spare-parts that are faulty or damaged due to wear and tear will be replaced at no additional cost to you.
  • Round-the-clock technical support so that there will be no compromise on the security.
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