Manufacturing Sector

Secom has been providing security solutions to our customers in the Aerospace, Marine, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Machinery and other industry in Singapore over the years.

The main security risks for this sector includes theft, vandalism and sabotage and Secom is able to provide our comprehensive security solutions to satisfy the security needs during and after business hour of our customers:-

  • Security Management Services (SMS) – Alarm Intrusion Detection system with remote monitoring and physical response service
  • Access Management Services (AMS) – Managed Access control system with remote card administration service and Intercom system
  • CCTV Video Surveillance system (Analog and Network)
  • Vehicle and Human Control Barrier system
  • Visitor Management System
  • Security Guards Services
  • Facilities & DECAM Fire Monitoring
  • Security System Maintenance Services
  • Data Protection Service – Off-site media storage
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