SECOM Interactive System (Video Alarm monitoring)

SECOM Interactive System provides you with a new way of watching and protecting your properties and valuables after business hours. It utilizes video to monitor the security status and detect abnormality in your premises from our SECOM Control Centre.  

Our Interactive service package includes:

  • Supply of SECOM Interactive system
  • Remote video alarm monitoring of your premises after operation hour from our Control Centre
  • Video alarm verification and attend to alarm signals
  • Remote video Patrolling service
  • Comprehensive Maintenance, which includes repair and replacement of parts due to wear and tear
  • 24-hour Technical support

Our Interactive service is also able to provide you with an alternative to the current physical guard deployment at site and thus reducing cost for your organization in the long term.  With the appropriate integration, we are able to take care of your operational requirement after business hour including:-

  • Gate, Barrier and door control
  • Visitors control
  • External perimeter security concerns
  • Decam fire alarm monitoring and response service (subject to site survey)


  • Affordable monthly subscription fee rather than paying a capital up-front for the security services and equipment
  • Cost Saving in security guard cost in the long term
  • No need to invest in or upgrade the equipment and software required for the ongoing smooth operation of the system.
  • Having your premises monitored round the clock.  Monitoring is essential such that the end-users and state Police can be alerted upon intrusions.
  • No-requirement for end-users to respond to alarm activation’s after working hours, weekends and festive seasons. With SECOM’s package, our security engineer will be dispatched to the premises upon all alarm activation for investigation.
  • Comprehensive maintenance is provided during the contract period. Spare-parts that are faulty or damaged due to wear and tear will be replaced at no additional cost to you.
  • Round-the-clock technical support so that there will be no compromise on the security.
  • There will be no hidden costs pertaining to our package. Our subscription fee remains constant throughout the contract period without the typical cost escalation.
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