SECOM main business activity is the Security Management Services (SMS). This is a unique alarm service package offered by SECOM. Unlike conventional security companies, which sell hardware and leave the entire security operation to the user, SECOM incorporates a combination of on-site sensing devices with 24-hour off-site monitoring and speedy physical response of skilled professionals to deter losses and break-ins.

Our SMS package includes:

  • Supply of SECOM security sensors
  • Comprehensive maintenance, repair and replacement of security sensors
  • 24-hour monitoring services from the SECOM control station
  • Response to all alarm signals by SECOM security engineers
  • Professional liability due to equipment failure or inadequacy in our security design

The benefits are:-

  • Affordable monthly subscription instead of high capital up-front investment for the security hardware.
  • Having your premises monitored round the clock. Monitoring is essential such that the end-users and state Police can be alerted upon intrusions.
  • No-requirement for end-users to respond to alarm activation’s after working hours, weekends and festive seasons. With SECOM’s package, our security engineer will be dispatched to the premises upon all alarm activation for investigation.
  • SECOM provides round-the-clock technical support as part of our provision of security management services. There will be no compromise on the security of the premise even in cases of technical fault at odd hours.
  • Check and maintenance of SECOM equipment and system will be conducted regularly. There will be no extra charges.
  • There will be no hidden costs pertaining to our package. Our subscription fee remains constant throughout the contract period without the typical cost escalation.
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