SECOM Interactive System (Video Alarm monitoring)

SECOM Interactive System provides you with a new way of watching and protecting your properties and valuables after business hours. It utilizes video to monitor and detect the security status in your premises from our SECOM Control Centre.

During normal operation, SECOM Interactive System operates as a locally monitored closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance system. It displays all site video and recording of images to Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system.

After normal operation, this system also acts as a fully featured monitored alarm system with remote video alarm verification. Video snapshots will be sent to SECOM Control Centre in the event of alarm activation, to assist in the alarm assessment.

This system provides you with a fully featured alarm system, site management, CCTV surveillance, video recording, and off-site video/alarm verification in one unique compact package

The benefits of the system and our services are as follows:


    The system has built-in digital video recording capability, enabling you to monitor and record all cameras installed in your premises at any one time.


    The system acts as a fully featured monitored alarm system. You can arm the alarm panel at the site and leave the monitoring of the security status to SECOM. When alarm signals are relayed to our Control Centre, video snapshots (Pre, Current and Post images) are also available to assist us to verify the cause of the alarm.

    Video monitoring of the security status of your premises with verification and resetting will be undertaken by SECOM. There will be

    no inconvenience, personal risk and worry

    to you or your employees. Your presence at the premises is necessary only upon real intrusion.


    Our Control Station will also conduct a live video guard tour of the site randomly once every day.


    You can have the option to dial-in to check the site in the convenience of your office, home or laptop computer. Remote viewing software will be provided with the system.


    We have an experienced technical support team on stand-by 24 hours everyday.

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